National O&M, Inc.

About National O&M, Inc.

Mission Statement

National O&M, Inc. is dedicated to providing valuable and high quality water and wastewater treatment services. We stress environmental and managerial excellence through our dedication to integrity and commitment to the highest moral and ethical standards.

National O&M, Inc. operates water and wastewater facilities in strict conformance with all State and Federal laws, rules and regulations, and maintains compliance with all provisions of the related permits. Our certified treatment operators are fully trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of operation, maintenance, energy management, analytical testing, and safety. Operators are cross-trained in more than one area to provide flexible and reliable operations. Continuous training is performed in-house and through seminars and classes to improve our personnel's knowledge and capability to advance in the industry.

In order to ensure that our facilities are operated and maintained at an optimal level, in accordance with all regulations, we adopted a management philosophy that includes the following six key elements:

  • Centralized oversight and control of facility processes and process changes;
  • Analysis, on-going review, and fine-tuning of all facility operational parameters;
  • Implementation of a strict facility Quality Control Plan;
  • Regularly scheduled operations management meetings to review and prioritize strategic facility issues;
  • Routine and unannounced spot-checks of facilities by Senior Management; 
  • Adherence and enforcement of a strict Code of Business Ethics.